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We take it personally - it's all about YOU!


Ambulatory Transportation

One way or

round trip

For persons who walk on their own, with assistance, use a cane or walker but are unable to or prefer not to drive.


If you, your loved one or someone you know needs ambulatory transportation, then we’re here for you. We work hard to ensure you are safe and relaxed long before you start the trip.


Contact us for more info or to book a ride. Sure-Lee, we’ll get you there! 

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Wheelchair transportation
One way or

round trip

Using a wheelchair? Getting where you need to go should be a worry free, enjoyable experience. With our personalised service that's what we set out to do.


Just let us know your needs, maybe assistance getting in or out of your home & buildings and we'll personalize it making sure you get the service you need. 


Contact us for more info or to book a ride. Sure-Lee, we'll get you there.

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