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Meal, Meds & More Stops Service

Ever tried to get your cab or shuttle to stop for  a quick bite, the much needed meds or even the bathroom? Not so easy. It could get worse if you're using a wheelchair or need  assistance getting in or out of buildings. Seems like basic conveniences in daily transport doesn't exist!  Well, we've seen and heard enough to do something about it.

Introducing the Meal, Meds & More Stops service:

A personalized, simple & convenient way before or after appointments to:  

  • Buy your meds or a quick meal 

  • Drop by the post office or supermarket

  • Visit a friend on the way home

  • Or even use the bathroom!

How it works:

  • Go to our online Booking portal and select your ride

  • Call, email or book your ride via the online portal 

  • Give the addresses of your stops in the order you wish to stop

  • Let us know if it's on the way to the appointment or on return trip

  • Tell us if you need assistance any time during your stops

  • & you're done!


What's the cost?

  • Your stops are included in the Base Fare. Click here for Rates

  • Wait Time  Fee: $9.00/15 min increment. Minimum $9.00 per stop

  • Wait  Time: Stops are currently limited to 15 minutes per stop


At this time we are limited to 2 stops per ride but be sure to let us know if it's really important and we could make an exception. We take it personally - it's all about YOU. 

Sure-Lee, we'll get you there!

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